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Box gutter conservatory Box gutter conservatory

Structural Box Gutters

Many conservatory designs are possible with the use of a structural box gutter. It is called ‘structural’ because it is designed to carry the weight of the conservatory roof. Each glazing bar fits to the outside of the box and is designed to collect rainwater from that side of the roof.

The volume of the box gutter is also capable of draining rainwater from the house/bungalow roof. In many situations the box gutter replaces the existing house/bungalow gutter.

The box section itself is constructed from twin skin structural aluminium and fully insulated to ensure there are no problems with condensation and to reduce the sound of water running through the box.

Once installed, the rest of the conservatory classic gutter connects to the box gutter to form one complete and very neat gutter system.

Box gutters can also be used at the house end of a Lean-to roof. This is particularly useful on bungalows or single-storey buildings.

By incorporating a box gutter system virtually any style of roof can be installed in any location. You can see a couple of examples to the left that show how awkward situation can be overcome.